Enduring questions

We’re good travellers: interested, curious, happy to learn new ways of doing things. Aware that we don’t have all the answers (or even many of the answers) to life’s challenges. And we’re good citizens, willing to pay taxes, obey the laws of our country, and aware of the need for anti-terrorist rules and conditions. However! Certain questions remain, certain practices that we just don’t understand.

1. We don’t understand those glass half-doors on Spanish showers, cunningly positioned so that any attempt at using the shower immediately floods the bathroom.
2. Spanish napkins are tiny, shiny slips of paper. Sure, they cost less than big, absorbent napkins, but the quantity used must offset that cost…
3. We understand that our government doesn’t want us stranded with an out-of-date passport. But… wouldn’t it make sense to put a little reminder somewhere that we cannot leave the country if our planned return is within three months of the expiration date?
4. We all know that public transportation is so fine in Europe; puts our to shame. But how about those gummy bears? The chocolate? The fruit? And the marzapan, the bread, and the cheese. The Fanta naranja that truly tastes like orange? The croquetas?

Just a few questions…. I’m sure the students could add so many more!

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