High in Ronda!

I’d never been to Ronda before, so hard to convince students that we should leave Granada (which they LOVED) for this tiny town. But despite a pokey train ride (lots of stops) and a lengthy hike from the train station to the hotel (quite the parade, we made), we all fell in love with this story-book town. Strategically place high over the EL Tajo river-gorge (100 meters deep) with glorious views and lots of (ahem) rock-climbing opportunities, we spent hours exploring, enjoying, and trying different tapas. New flavors from a more southern, Arabic town. One of the reasons we came to Ronda was to see the bullfighting museum. I’m in no way an expert, not even a true aficionada. But I do have more than a passing interest in the fiesta nacional, and modern bullfighting began here, with the 18th century bullfighter, Pedro Romero – the first to get off his horse and fight the bull standing on the ground. The ring is now a museum, used only in September for the “Feria Goyesca,” and tourists are able to walk around and through the arena. Incredible experience to stand behind the wooden walls that shelter the physicians and, to see the series of doors and pulleys that control the entrance of the bulls, and to walk across the ring. Ball-sheep became “Bull-sheep” once he stepped in the ring. What a transformation!

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