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Week 5
Loveland, Colorado

Our walking routes this week will be a “Choose Your Own Adventure.” Loveland has a vast variety of trails! Their city trails offer these recreational opportunities: bicycling, walking, running, skating and rollerblading.  Click on the above banner to get the full view!

Many natural areas are available including Carter Lake which has just about every outdoor activity: fishing, sailing, camping, swimming, scuba diving, rock climbing, and water skiing, in addition to: hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. To get a bigger picture, visit Carter Lake on Facebook.

Carter Lake, Loveland, Colorado

Discover the Creativity!

Everfest’s Take
“Whether a knitter, crocheter, spinner, weaver, or lover of any and all fiber arts, the Interweave Yarn Fest has something for everyone. The festival offers a bustling marketplace and dozens of project-based workshops set in the lovely backdrop of the Rockies in Loveland, Colorado.”

Weave Along with Sarah Jackson

Are you interested in joining a virtual weaving workshop? This might be for you! Click on the photo to get the full details!

Follow the festivities on Yarn Fest’s Facebook page

Spinning and Knitting with Dog Fur
Gaige Evans is a talented fiber artist who can make lovely items from dog fur ~ watch and be amazed!

Week 4
Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire
Windermere in the Lake District
Sutton Hoo

Archaeologist, Francis Pryor
, gives us a bit of history along with impressive and colorful advice about enjoyable walking!

Explorer Paul Rose, gives enthusiastic and vibrant insight and advice about walking!

The British nation voted and out of 100 favorite walks these are the top ten. Just click on the above photo to be taken to these spectacular top ten walks.
“On their journey Julia and Ore uncovered the history and hidden stories behind the trails, as well as the impact they have on our lives.”

Now, on to our creativity discovery ~ Sheep to Shawl – 24 hour challenge! The video tells it all – agility, top-notch-knowledge, and style! Clicking on the photo will bring you there!

Week 3
Isle of Harris and Isle of Lewis
Iverness ~ Loch Ness Knit Fest

Click on this photo to view
colorfully illustrated maps.

“The  Hebridean Way walking offers keen hikers a unique opportunity to walk the length of this spectacular archipelago.
It is a route of astonishing variety – one day you may be walking on an exquisite deserted beach, with silver shell sand stretching far into the distance. The next you may find yourself amongst wild mountains, wandering past remote freshwater lochs and golden eagles.”

The “Heb Race” on the Edge is an event that offers 2 days of running, mountain biking and kayaking. “The Heb will be easy to take part in, but still a tough challenge and certainly all the adventure, excitement and fun. Perfect for racers, achievable for newcomers, and everyone in between.”


Now, on to further creativity ~ the iconic Harris Tweed cloth that is exclusively produced on the Isle of Harris and Lewis. View these interesting videos for the full story. You will be amazed by the traditional effort of the local crofters, woollen mills, and weavers as they demonstrate their excellence and pride in making this beautiful fabric.


We will be taking a short plane ride to Iverness from the Barra Airport. It is the only airport in the world where flights use a beach as a runway.

Our final destination this week is the Loch Ness Knit Fest!

Alice Starmore, a Scottish artist, a professional textile designer and author shares her story about her Hebridean Yarnscape. Click on the above photo to be able to view fabulous photos and more!

Week 2

We continue with a 44.8 mile virtual walk from Perth to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival,

   Click on the map to view the complete route

Once we reach Edinburgh, visit these stunning locations ~

Portobello Beach


         The Giant Lanterns of China at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo. Click on the photo to view the video!


Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Blacker Yarns is a sponsor of the festival. This company provides a wealth of information about fiber sources, yarn by breed and a tour of their mill. The Natural Fibre Company is another source of fleece and fiber information.

Just click on the above poster and you will be brought to a previous year’s festival ~ be drawn into the creative spirit!

There is more to this yarn festival ~ “Once again, we’re having a ceilidh! And once again, because they’re great, the ceilidh band is: The Picts! This year we’re using the Marquee, which means more people and more dancing!”

Now, on to weaving ~ Sarah Swett is a professional tapestry weaver. She spins the yarn, draws, designs and weaves incredible tapestries. “You’re building the image at the same time as you’re building the cloth.”

Professional Tapestry Weaver Sarah Swett shares her story, “Weaving an Artist’s Life.” Click on the tapestry to view her incredible work in the making.

Week 1
Welcome to the first week of Discover the Creativity!
Many opportunities for exploration can be found at the great city of Perth, Scotland!

Our 5 virtual walking routes will  give us a journey through spectacular sites of the city and the country. The following is our walking itinerary:

  • Perth City walk – 4.5 miles

  • Moncreiffe Hill near Perth – 5 miles

  • Scone Circular, Scone near Perth – 5.75 miles

  • River Tay: Perth to Luncarty – 6.25 miles

  • Kinnoull Hill and Tower – 4 miles

  • Perth Festival of Yarn

Click on the photo to be taken to the full description of each exciting walk! Make sure to scroll down the page to view all the interesting photos!

Perth City walk
Moncreiffe Hill
Scone Circular
River Tay: Perth to Luncarty
Kinnoull Hill and Tower

Perth Festival of Yarn

“In 2017 we welcomed 70 of the very best independent vendors from all over the UK and further afield to our celebration, hosted 9 classes across many textile disciplines, supported South Harris SWI with their Centenary Blanket Project to help raise £3668 for MacMillan Cancer Support Scotland, partnered up with EcoCamp Glenshee to offer Llama Trek experiences and much, much more.

We’re opening our Vendors’ Gallery marketplace over 2 days this coming year [2018] and we’re sure to have everything your crafting heart could desire.

If you didn’t make it here’s a taste of what you missed!”

“How the World’s Softest Wool is Made”
Mati Ventrillon
says, ‘As a Fair Isle crofter, albeit in the twenty first century, I continue, in my own way, hundreds of years of Fair Isle tradition.’
In this lovely presentation, Mati Ventrillon shares her story and passion for designing and creating Fair Isle knitwear.

SNC Step It Up

The entire SNC community is invited and encouraged to join our collaborative walking program!
Our walk begins:  Monday, Feb. 19th

  • Our blog will have us virtually joining an artisan festival of yarn that highlights creativity from various locations around the world each week!
  • Register online:  Registration page  
  • Teams:  2 to 5 walkers, one person designated as the team captain
  • Team name:  Yes! you need a team name
  • Keep track of your steps: Use a pedometer, cellphone app or any other device that will record your daily steps
  • Conversion chart:  Use this to convert your daily activities into steps (directions can be found on the chart)
  • Record your steps:  Directions will be emailed to registered participants
  • How far have we walked?  This page shows all the teams and everyone’s progress
  • Fees? No fees, it’s totally free!
  • Celebration Time on Thursday, March 29th – Our team walk concludes on March 23rd – 5 weeks of accomplishing our goal for a healthier lifestyle!

Our Goal
Our goal is to have everyone achieve either:
10,000 steps a day
30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily, converted into a step count

And if your daily step count goes beyond this, that will be fantastic!

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness
Being aware of The Eight Dimensions of Wellness and trying to balance these dimensions every day is a way to improve our mental and physical health.  Daily physical health includes eating healthy foods, getting adequate hours of sleep and physical activity. View this video for more information.

Steps Around Campus
These step counts are approximate and depending on the person’s stride length.
College Ave lot P12 to Main Hall: 556 steps
Mulva Family Fitness and Sports Center to Cofrin: 543 steps
Gries Hall to Boyle: 535 steps
Campus center to Mulva Library: 416 steps
Bergstrom to Burke: 502 steps
Sensenbrenner to Mad/Lor: 487 steps
3M to Michels Commons:  430 steps

Mindful Walking Guidance

Stay Connected!  
Find up-to-date information and highlights by following this exciting event on our Take the Challenge blog, and make sure to follow Health and Wellness on PinterestFacebook, and Twitter!

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air of your imagination.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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