Step It Up ~ Enlightening Your Health!

Week 5
Denver, Colorado
Our walking event conclusion brings us to a SNC traditional celebration ~ music & fireworks! Click on the photos to start the entertainment!

Fireworks at Coors Field!

Denver Walking Tour
Larimer Square is the Mile High City’s oldest and most historic neighborhood and is one of the stops on this fun filled walking tour. Click on the photo for the full itinerary. The last destination is Coors Field!

Historic Downtown Walking Tour
“This walking tour will take you to some of the best spots in Downtown Denver, where the city’s past and present come together in utterly unique ways. ” Click on the photo of the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall – the starting point of our tour!

Week 4
Diwali – The Festival of Light.  It is a highly celebrated festival in India.
It signifies the-

October 19th, 2017. A five day festival. Each day holds a significance and ritual.
Click on the photo. Become immersed in the festivities!

Discover the traditions, the culture and the beliefs…

Munnar, India
Outdoor activities
at this 6.5 acre green tea estate will bring you close to nature~hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking & more!
Clicking on the photo gives you the full scope of action!

Week 3
Lapland, Finland
A phenomenal light show!  This astonishing cosmic event can be incredibly humbling.

An unforgettable hike, shared adventures ~ Lapland ~ Europe’s last wilderness.

Maakalla, Finland
~ Make this 360 degree video into your own experience. Grab the screen and move it around to really get the big picture!

Week 2
Harbin, China
One of the must-see destinations-Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

Inspiration by Dannasaur as we follow her vlog.

ALSO, here’s our walking map of Harbin. Click on it to go to the live map, explore and make it your own experience!

Week 1
Marina Bay & Gardens by the Bay Light Show – Singapore!
Watch This Travel Vlog filmed by Chris, published on March 10, 2017
As Chris says, “This is proper awesome!”

We are in Singapore! Here’s a map that you can use to create your walking routes. Click on it for the interactive map.

This week we will be centering on the Gardens by the Bay.

Explore the Flower Dome, it’s the world’s largest glass greenhouse and Cloud Forest that has the tallest indoor waterfall in the world!

Click on the map below for more details.
Take this virtual tour of the Garden by the Bay. Move the scene around to see everything!

Take your own tour by clicking on this Google map.


Our walk begins:  Monday, Sept. 25th

  • Our blog will have us virtually joining a vlog celebration from around the world each week!
  • Register online:  Registration page  
  • Teams:  2 to 5 walkers, one person designated as the team captain
  • Team name:  Yes! you need a team name
  • Keep track of your steps: Use a pedometer, cellphone app or any other device that will record your daily steps
  • Conversion chart:  Use this to convert your daily activites into steps (directions can be found on the chart)
  • Record your steps:  This is the link to the login page.  Directions will be emailed to registered participants
  • How far have we walked?  This page shows all the teams and everyone’s progress
  • Fees? No fees, it’s totally free!
  • Celebration Time on Nov. 1st – Our team walk concludes on Oct. 29th – 5 weeks of accomplishing our goal for a healthier lifestyle!
  • Our goal is to have everyone achieve either: 10,000 steps a day or 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily, converted into a step count

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