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Step It Up ~ Capture Your Curiosity!
In this 7 week adventure we will explore the highlights of the East Coast.
Our virtual walk will include 360 degree online tours. You will be able to experience each destination as if you are right there!
We will also be aware of the Seven Dimensions of Wellness throughout these weeks.
At the conclusion of our 7 week trip we will celebrate with a virtual sailboat ride down the Potomac River while we relax and share our experiences.

Walk, Explore and Learn
All SNC students, faculty and staff are welcome to join us on this historic and invigorating trek.
Our goal will be have everyone achieve either:
10,000 steps a day
30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily
What does it cost to participate? It is totally free.
What is a team?  5 team members designating one as the team captain.
What is your team name? Decide on a name that makes your team happy.
What type of equipment do you need? Each team member will need a pedometer, cellphone app or any other device that will record your daily activity.
You may use this conversion chart (directions included) to record daily activities and convert into steps.
Where do you register? Register online
This virtual walking program begins Monday, Sept. 26th, 2016.

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