This is our 4th week of Take the Challenge and our challenge for this week is to try to take time for mindful relaxation lasting at least 5 to 10 minutes most days.


These following motivational words of advice are brought to us by our guest speakers,
Tom Doughman, LCSW, Assistant Director of CAPS and Lisa Burke, LCSW,

“Any amount of time spent practicing relaxation can help. Even 5-10 minutes each day. Using a guided imagery tool like what we saw on you tube can help you settle and focus on letting go of life’s stressors. It is deceptively simple to focus on nothing, but takes some practice to get good at it. Keep trying, the least you will do for yourself is spend a few moments unplugged. The maximum impact will be that you are recharged during your day!”

We are very thankful for the time that Tom and Lisa took out of their busy day from SNC’s Counseling and Psychological Services department. Their presentation gave us visuals of relaxation and guided imagery. Along with sharing information about biofeedback, they provided us with this video link to Ocean Guided Meditation with Deepak Chorpra.

In addition to the above information from Tom and Lisa, these are a few relaxation videos with music or sounds that you may like to consider:


Be Calm Freshwater fish tank (~5 minutes)


83 Grandma’s garden (~5 Minutes)


Fireplace burning logs (~15 minutes)



For longer meditation, relaxation periods
you may like to consider these videos on Gentle rain or Gentle rolling thunder (~10 hours)




Here is a post on sensible calming methods and a sample of meditation techniques.
Classes are free and open to the entire Campus Community – students, faculty and staff.
The Yoga/Zen Club on campus is co-managed by Jocelyn Russell and Alex Smith. Enrollment is not required, come when you can. Weekly reminders about the class are sent via the Yoga/Zen Club listserv.
Jocelyn has provided this information about the classes:

Every Thursday from 7:00pm-8:15pm we have our weekly yoga practice in the Todd Wehr Reflection Lounge (behind the stained glass adjacent to the Bookstore). We provide mats (which are cleaned at the end of every practice) and cushions.

We have a certified yoga instructor (Marc Kotz) come to campus and teach our lesson. He is absolutely fabulous and good at what he does. He makes us work hard at yoga, but also understands the importance of modification, which is especially key when practicing yoga. Marc also brings rubber dodge balls which are sometimes used to assist people in certain positions.

As for type of clothing, comfortable clothes are the best. You don’t need fancy, expensive yoga pants and tank tops in order to have a good practice! Sweatpants or running shorts with a basic t-shirt are most commonly worn. Sometimes during the colder months, you see a few people wearing long sleeved shirts or sweaters.

Jocelyn sums up by enthusiastically stating,
“Honestly, people only need to bring themselves (wearing comfortable workout-type clothes) and some water! I have heard some people like bringing small towels to help cushion the knees when kneeling- something to maybe consider sharing when spreading the word about yoga! :)

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