the Fitness Center, the Wellness Room and SuperTracker…

Our first “Lunchtime Conversations – Workout Spaces” was a huge success. We would like to thank John Seckel, Associate Director of the Campus Center for his excellent tour of this impressive facility. Admission is free with student, staff or faculty ID.

The Campus Center has the following open hours:
Sunday: 11 a.m.-Midnight
Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-Midnight
Saturday: 11 a.m.-11 p.m.
Phone: 920-403-4014

If you are interested in times when there is less activity in these workout spaces (located on the second floor), stop in or call, speak to John or one of the student assistants for more information.

the Fitness Center
The place to find the aerobic machines: steppers, stationary bikes, treadmills,  elliptical machines and the universal weight machine. Follow the links for information about the equipment.

Stair Stepper



Click this link to watch a video about using a
stair stepper.




Spin Bikes



Click this link to watch a video about using spin bikes.







Click this link to watch a video about using treadmills.



Elliptical machine




Click these links to watch videos about the elliptical machine’s ergonomic design, metabolic equivalent speed, and user friendly design.




Universal Weight machine



“A universal weight machine is a system of weights and cables set up for resistance exercises” (Livestrong).




the Wellness Room

John Seckel presenting the tour of the Wellness Room


This space features an aerobic dance floor. Aerobic classes, yoga and wellness classes are held here (click here for schedule of classes).

The Wellness room is open for anyone to use freely when the fitness classes are not in session.


Wellness Room equipment

Wellness Room equipment

Wellness Room equipment

Workout videos available









As you can see, a variety of workout equipment is offered for use in the Wellness Room.  Video equipment and workout videos such as “Insanity” and “P90X” are available for viewing in this area, too.


The Wellness Room is also the place to find the recumbent bicycle and ab glider.

Recumbent Bicycle



Click this link to watch a video about using recumbent bicycles.




ab glider



Click this link to watch a video about using an ab glider.




Let’s not forget the Gym!

The Gym

The gym has three tracks:  inside track-18 laps = 1 mile
middle track-17.5 laps = 1 mile
outer track-17 laps = 1 mile.
The following equipment can be checked out with your ID card from the Recreation Desk: volleyballs, soccer balls, medicine balls, jump ropes, yoga mats, pickle ball set, spike ball game and workout videos.

and SuperTracker
There have been some questions about using or not using SuperTracker. Although SuperTracker is an excellent program with many great features, if you have a system in place that you were previously using to track your personal goals, please feel free to continue to use that method. Just check off the ovals on your “Point Tracker” for the days that you have used either the SuperTracker or your own goal tracking system.

By reading and viewing the videos on this blog entry you can claim your “Bonus Points” for this week. You will get an email to respond to requesting your total points for week 1 on October 7th. This is kept confidentially on a spreadsheet and it is our way of entering you into the weekly prize drawing for being great participants!

The videos suggested for viewing in this forum are to only be used for informational purposes. They are not an endorsement for any particular product, machine, equipment or exercise.

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