Are You Ready to Take on a Healthy Challenge?

Just Say Yes! Welcome to SNC’s newest 7 week wellness program! We really want you to get as excited as we are and join us – meet the weekly challenges – achieve the goals that support healthier choices – strengthening our lifestyles towards balance.

Each week we will be introducing a new healthy habit – a “challenge” towards the goal of improving our overall well-being. We will also be offering weekly gatherings – “Lunchtime Conversations”. These will feature a guest speaker who will share significant information that will relate to our challenge for the week.

These will be our weekly challenges and Lunchtime Conversations:
Week 1: SuperTracker Challenge – Set your goals-Track your goals. Begin by signing up for “SuperTracker” here
September 30th – Noon – Campus Center (meet outside of the gym) – Intro to Workout Spaces

Week 2: Take the Stairs Challenge – Promoting 30 to 40 minutes of your favorite exercise on most days
Campus Center – visit workout spaces

Week 3: Take the 5-a-Day Challenge – Try to eat a daily total of 5 servings of fruits & vegetables
October 11th – Noon – Mulva Library room 101 – Healthy Eating

Week 4: Take the Relaxation Challenge – Learn stress management & relaxation techniques
October 18th – Noon – Mulva Library room 101 – Relaxation & Biofeedback

Week 5: Take the Spiritual Challenge – Take time for daily spiritual reflection and mediation
October 25th – Noon – Mulva Library room 101 – Spirituality

Week 6: Take the Wellness Challenge – Take the TestWell assessment – assess 9 different aspects of wellness – click here for the  TestWell website
November 1st – Noon – Mulva Library room 101 – Wellness

Week 7: Take the Time Challenge – Establish stress free time management
November 8th – Noon – Mulva Library room 101 – Take the Time/Time Management

Follow your progress each week by using the “Point Tracker.” Build your points by continuing to meet the challenge from the previous weeks and the current week.
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Our first Lunchtime Conversation is on the first day of the program, September 30th. At that time we will get revved up and find out more about this fantastic program!

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