The SNC Study Abroad blog, Global Daze. Local Knights., began during the Fall 2011 semester with 68 students. The students received a stipend to offset the expensive costs of traveling abroad. In turn, the students were required to submit at least four blog posts during their semester abroad.

Follow the (New) Tradition

During your semester abroad, we strongly encourage you to follow the new tradition of submitting blog posts from abroad. There’s no need to write a long, academic essay. Keep your reflections brief, fresh, and engaging. Add a few pictures, too!


  • Your National Identity / Cultural Baggage
  • Cultural Adjustment / Culture Shock
  • Classroom Experiences / Educational Systems
  • Study Abroad in the Context of Your Major(s) & Minor(s)
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Cultural Norms / Traditions / Lifestyles
  • Cultural Events / Festivals
  • Food
  • The Arts
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Politics
  • Business / Economics
  • Social Issues / Change / Policy
  • Religion
  • Volunteerism / Community Service

Submitting Your Blog

Simply email your blog post to studyabroad@snc.edu. Please include a title for your post, along with any photos that may supplement your text. A study abroad advisor will send you a link to your post once it is published.


If you have any questions regarding the SNC Study Abroad blog, please do not hesitate to contact us.