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Looking Back (Pat Pederson)

Having had a little while to reflect on my experiences in Europe has allowed me to appreciate the time that I had.  Living in Valencia, Spain and traveling to other parts of Europe (including France and England) opened my eyes … Continue reading

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Living in a Crisis Doesn’t Seem So Bad (Pat Pederson)

One of the most well-known preconceptions about the Spanish people is their love of celebrating any event that comes across them and living a “no pasa nada” lifestyle.  That is to say, the notion that everything is going to be … Continue reading

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If I Could Write a Letter to Me (Calli Nonnemacher)

Referring to one of my favorite Brad Paisley songs, Í am writing a letter to any student about to embark on the journey of which I am almost done with, before they even think about it. Dear pre-departure student, There … Continue reading

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A Week to Remember (Pat Pederson)

I think that we all have moments in our lives that we know will change us forever; that we are about to do something extraordinary. For me, one of these moments was when my Swiss Air flight captain bid me goodbye in … Continue reading

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Watch Out for Those Doors – and Hang On for Your Life (Calli Nonnemacher)

I’m sorry if anyone finds this blog completely boring, but I felt the need to share this information with anyone who is thinking about studying abroad in Spain. My words of advice to you: if you can’t take the heat, … Continue reading

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Almost One Whole Week Down Already (Calli Nonnemacher)

Original Post Date: 04 September 2011 It’s almost been an entire week since I made the trek over to Spain, and in all honesty, it has not been easy at all. I never thought for a second it was going … Continue reading

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