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Why I am a Bad Ugandan (Megan Henning)

I don’t like Matoke I walk quickly I eat while walking I only speak English I actually need to wash my hair I prefer to wear pants I don’t do heals I don’t actually know what the taxi conductor says … Continue reading

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Practicum Time! (Megan Henning)

Study abroad with SIT is a bit different from most programs.  The first two months abroad are spent listening to lecturers and traveling around Uganda.  The program concludes with a six-week independent project where students either complete research or intern … Continue reading

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The Ugandan Menu (Megan Henning)

Main Foods (aka pure starch) Rice – Self explanatory. Usually it’s flavored. Chapati – I may even learn to cook in order to continue eating this in America. It is essentially deep fried dough. Pure deliciousness. Matoke – the favorite … Continue reading

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If You Can Dodge Traffic (Megan Henning)

I’m currently studying in Kampala, Uganda.  For those of you who have no idea where that is, it is located in Eastern Africa.  If you are picturing me living in a hut riding on a giraffe to school, I regret to inform … Continue reading

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