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Wait, So You Mean This Isn’t a Vacation? (Sasha Zwiefelhofer)

As of right now I’m double-majoring in International Business and Spanish. For the last few years I’ve heard a rumor going around that if you don’t come into college with any transfer credits (check), you study abroad (check), and you have … Continue reading

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A Little Spanish Hospitality (Alyssa Wolan)

As I prepare to leave Spain, I feel that I must share one of the best aspects of studying abroad in Toledo, Spain.  I have been very touched by the friendliness of the staff at my school, my host family, … Continue reading

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Host Family in Toledo (Meg Domnick)

Living with a host family is probably one of the best experiences I’ve had while studying abroad in Toledo.  At first, I was very nervous to meet my host family, and even on the plane ride over to Spain I … Continue reading

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Becoming a Pro at Public Transportation (Meg Domnick)

Coming from a small town in Wisconsin with basically no public transportation available, I was in for a bit of a culture shock coming to Spain!  Public transportation is so abundant here.  There are local buses to get around the … Continue reading

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Spanish Conversions (Laura Gordon)

When I first arrived to Spain I was oblivious to things that I would usually pay attention to back home. This was because I was observing parts of a culture that I had never been immersed into before. I would … Continue reading

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Toledo: A Place to Pause and Reflect (Alyssa Wolan)

This week marks my fifth week in Toledo, Spain and I am still waiting to go through the normal stages of culture shock.  This is not to say that there are distinct differences between the Spanish culture and the American … Continue reading

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The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with Just One Step (Megan Domnick)

With studying abroad in a different and foreign country, also comes adapting to a new culture and a new environment.  For some this may come easier than for others, but, either way, it is part of studying abroad, especially in … Continue reading

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Helping Mother Nature in Toledo, Spain (Laura Gordon)

The changes that one has to go through to get accustomed to another culture can be very hard, but over the time that you spend living with that culture you become more accustomed to living situations. As soon as I … Continue reading

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