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Spanish (Laura Gordon)

Throughout my time here in Spain I have been comparing and contrasting my study abroad academic experience with my friends’ academic experiences solely out of curiosity. They are all very similar besides one major factor: ALL CLASSES IN SPAIN ARE … Continue reading

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Amigos! Amici! Vänner! (Alessandra Mendez)

Studying in Europe (Spain) has been an amazing experience! I love it here because there is so much diversity and so many people from other countries studying here as well. One of the things I love about being here is … Continue reading

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Host Family in Toledo (Meg Domnick)

Living with a host family is probably one of the best experiences I’ve had while studying abroad in Toledo.  At first, I was very nervous to meet my host family, and even on the plane ride over to Spain I … Continue reading

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Living in a Crisis Doesn’t Seem So Bad (Pat Pederson)

One of the most well-known preconceptions about the Spanish people is their love of celebrating any event that comes across them and living a “no pasa nada” lifestyle.  That is to say, the notion that everything is going to be … Continue reading

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Differences in Education (Alessandra Mendez)

“Ugh, the printer on second floor is not working so now I have to go all the way downstairs to print!” I am sure a lot of you have either heard or said this when you have to print something … Continue reading

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If I Could Write a Letter to Me (Calli Nonnemacher)

Referring to one of my favorite Brad Paisley songs, Í am writing a letter to any student about to embark on the journey of which I am almost done with, before they even think about it. Dear pre-departure student, There … Continue reading

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Becoming a Pro at Public Transportation (Meg Domnick)

Coming from a small town in Wisconsin with basically no public transportation available, I was in for a bit of a culture shock coming to Spain!  Public transportation is so abundant here.  There are local buses to get around the … Continue reading

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Festivals (Paul Krechel)

Spain is truly vibrant and exciting when a festival rounds the corner. As Spain celebrated its independence this past month, people from all over the country came to Madrid to watch and take part in the annual representation and acknowledgement … Continue reading

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A Week to Remember (Pat Pederson)

I think that we all have moments in our lives that we know will change us forever; that we are about to do something extraordinary. For me, one of these moments was when my Swiss Air flight captain bid me goodbye in … Continue reading

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Culture (Paul Krechel)

I will say without a doubt that this experience has been quite the change for me. I think like all students who study abroad in a different country, you begin to acknowledge the immense differences between the host country culture … Continue reading

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