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Wait, So You Mean This Isn’t a Vacation? (Sasha Zwiefelhofer)

As of right now I’m double-majoring in International Business and Spanish. For the last few years I’ve heard a rumor going around that if you don’t come into college with any transfer credits (check), you study abroad (check), and you have … Continue reading

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Looking Back (Pat Pederson)

Having had a little while to reflect on my experiences in Europe has allowed me to appreciate the time that I had.  Living in Valencia, Spain and traveling to other parts of Europe (including France and England) opened my eyes … Continue reading

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Personal Growth (Alessandra Mendez)

Unfortunately the last days of my trip are here. I never thought it would come so soon and I am terribly sad to have to leave. I have had the best time and a great experience that will benefit me … Continue reading

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Living Worlds Apart (Pat Pederson)

My advice for students? Regardless of major or field of study, go abroad for at least a semester. The experience that I have had in Spain has been absolutely unbelievable and I have done more than I had originally planned and … Continue reading

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A Little Spanish Hospitality (Alyssa Wolan)

As I prepare to leave Spain, I feel that I must share one of the best aspects of studying abroad in Toledo, Spain.  I have been very touched by the friendliness of the staff at my school, my host family, … Continue reading

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Stillness and Silence in Camino (Alyssa Wolan)

Albergue: 5 euro nutella: 2.50 euros hiking boots: 15 euros camino: PRICELESS Galicia is a northern province of Spain that is home to one of Europe’s most famous pilgrimages.  It is believed that the remains of the apostle St. James … Continue reading

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Fútbol is the New Football (Meg Domnick)

Being from the Midwest and more specifically from Green Bay, obviously I am a Packer fan!  I was in for quite the change in Europe where everything is FÚTBOL, FÚTBOL, FÚTBOL!.   Although I am not a huge soccer fan I … Continue reading

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Comida (Paul Krechel)

Food, like every country in the world is specific to its area. Spain is no exception. The number one ingredient used in almost everything is olive oil. At first this was difficult for me. I was used to having salads … Continue reading

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Dinner and TV (Laura Gordon)

When I arrived to Spain in early September I found that my home stay was very similar to my home life in my real home in the States. I have two parents and the freedom of any single child while … Continue reading

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Art (Paul Krechel)

Madrid is a city that offers numerous opportunities to view world famous art and architecture. Famous and intriguing museums such as the Prado, Thyssen, Reina Sofia, and much more allow students the chance to see the art they have learned … Continue reading

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