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What I’ve Come to Learn (Cindy Frisch)

Being away from home for nearly five months made me realize: -I knew I loved my family and friends from home, but I didn’t recognize how much I didn’t go with anyone I knew and I’ve never really had to … Continue reading

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If You’re Ever in Wisconsin… (Cindy Frisch)

Although we’ve been done with classes for a month, this Saturday marked the end of exams here in New Zealand. Bittersweet to say the least. Currently, out of the 6 of us in my flat, only one flatmate and I are left. … Continue reading

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New Zealand (Thomas Grams)

I have just started to settle back into school after having a long, much needed 2 week break from school. For my mid semester break, I choose to spend my time in New Zealand. I figured I might never get … Continue reading

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Weather Shock (Monica Dzwonkowski)

Before I came to New Zealand, I read a guide book that said the weather can and often does change any minute; I didn’t realize how true that statement was. Just two days ago, I woke up to sunshine. It … Continue reading

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Classes on the Other Side of the World (Monica Dzwonkowski)

Well, classes have ended. It is officially the month of final exams and I thought I would take some time to reflect on the three classes I took at Otago: Maori Society, Anzac Legacy, and Genes, Chromosomes, and Populations. I … Continue reading

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Crazy About Rugby (Monica Dzwonkowski)

Forget what you know about American football fans, the Rugby World Cup has come to New Zealand, and the people could not be more proud. I had the chance to go to a few of the games, and I have … Continue reading

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Wait, I’ve Been Here for a Whole Semester? (Cindy Frisch)

As everyone back at Norbs is getting ready for midterms, I’m preparing for something much different….final exams! I know what you’re thinking…it’s mid- October. It’s fall, not the end of the semester. Well, since New Zealand is in the opposite … Continue reading

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Winter in July (Cindy Frisch)

I was told it was going to be cold here, but I’m from Wisconsin- How cold could little ol’ New Zealand be compared that? Well, so far I have had all my classes cancelled one day and I’ve missed two … Continue reading

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