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Well, It’s About That Time … Unfortunately (Kort Koppmann)

Today I realized how close I am to coming back home to the US and how fast my time here in London has gone. Although its a bittersweet feeling knowing that the end of my time here in England is near, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving in London (Nicole Engbretson)

Thanksgiving is clearly not celebrated in London. Here, even before Halloween was completely over, Christmas decorations were beginning to emerge. I know some people at home who would be thrilled – They start singing Christmas carols well before Thanksgiving. Skipping … Continue reading

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Portobello Road (Nicole Engbretson)

I have always loved fresh food and markets: The farmers’ market in Green Bay, Pike Place Market in Seattle, and vendors on city corners. But I have never seen something as magnificent as the market at Portobello Road. Having watched … Continue reading

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Festivals (Danielle Costello)

There is a festival in Hyde Park that recently started called Winter Wonderland. It is the perfect thing to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. It plays Christmas music, has hot chocolate, and even ice skating; but has so much … Continue reading

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Eating in London (Larissa Dallman)

I never thought that I would miss American food as much as I do with a mere 20-some days left of my study abroad experience in London. While the food here is good, and fresh, there are so many differences … Continue reading

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Work in Britain (Olivia Sievert)

The internship program at FIE London was one of the things that drew me in. I knew that having an extra internship on my resume, especially one done abroad, would look so good to future employers. I lucked out and … Continue reading

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The UK Workplace (Alex Yurk)

I am currently in my third week of my internship working for Jon Cruddas- Member of Parliament for Dagenham and Rainham.  It has really been an eye opening experience for me in terms of UK politics as well as my … Continue reading

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Busy, Busy, Busy (Kort Koppmann)

Well its been another travel-packed past week again here in London.  Last weekend I went out to see Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Oxford University as well as the Tower of London and also Paris.  So I guess you could say … Continue reading

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Olympic Park in London (Joe Hansen)

One of the highlights of the previous week was my trip to the Olympic Park in Newham. Before I continue about my experience at the Olympic Park, I think it would be appropriate to explain the background of Newham. Newham … Continue reading

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A Senior in a “Fresher” World (Nicole Engbretson)

Let me expand a bit on my experience as a “fresher” so far over here. This being my second to last semester of my undergrad at SNC, I have plenty both to worry about and to look forward to. Looking … Continue reading

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