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Wandering Thoughts (Alexis Redig)

Original post date: 11 December 2012 While walking home from dinner with a few of my friends tonight I was constantly reminded of the many things I am going to miss when I leave Florence on Saturday. I am so … Continue reading

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A Post on Family: Can You Guess what my Minor would be if I had Room for it in my Schedule? (Tara Lovdahl)

(I have less than three weeks left and I want to be sure I’ve taken pictures of all my favorite things! Pictures for this blog are from my latest “touristy” walk around Florence). Our study abroad program at St. Norbert … Continue reading

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Lucca Bike Tour – and Other Thoughts (Tara Lovdahl)

Pictures for this blog post: This past Friday my study abroad program hosted a free excursion to a city about 15 minutes away by bus called Lucca (population 85,000). We went on bike tour which made me feel like a little kid. The city … Continue reading

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Amusing the Locals (Tara Lovdahl)

Here’s another new thing for me, the garbage situation in Florence: instead of kicking it to the curb once a week like in Wisconsin, I have to carry my filled trashbag around until I find a silver bin that leads … Continue reading

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How to Feel (Krista Hove)

Originally I was going to write my last blog on how it felt to return home from Italy, however I have not yet left. I will be getting home in two days and I am full of many mixed emotions. … Continue reading

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Roman Food (Brian Anhalt)

There is no one type of Italian food. The type of Italian food you can find always depends on the area you are in. Overall though, you can except when eating in Italy, meals will last hours and be full … Continue reading

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Christmas in Roma (Brian Anhalt)

With Christmas approaching, Rome has become a new city. Beginning in early December,  the city streets become decorated with lights. Christmas trees are placed throughout the city. While not a Italian tradition, they can be seen in Piazza Venezia and next … Continue reading

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Being “Italy-fied” (Alexis Achs)

Over the past four months here I have been extremely thankful that I have chosen to study abroad in Florence this semester. At first I was a little nervous about living in a different country with a different culture than … Continue reading

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Roma per Sempre (AJ Fedoruk)

With only a couple hours left here in Rome for the semester I truly say this has been the best decision of my life to study/travel/ explore abroad. I cannot really put into words this how unbelievable this past three … Continue reading

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My Italian Service Event (Krista Hove)

My first day I walked 20 minutes across town to meet up for my service event, I was slightly tired, and worried about what I would be doing. I stopped at a few stands before I finally found the stand … Continue reading

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