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The Start of It All (Allyson Bills)

Original Post Date: August 19, 2012 Here it is. The start of it all. It has been a long journey to simply get to this point but I believe it was worth it all.  To really give everyone the experience … Continue reading

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Helping Out the Galway Community (Diane Cantillano)

My most memorable volunteering experience in Galway happened to me by chance. My roommate Lyndia said she had gotten an email about an opportunity to promote multi-culturalism in children and their families in Galway through our campus. I decided to … Continue reading

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Some Great Craic (Kathryn Jamieson)

It is crazy to think that just 3 ½ short months ago I was nervously packing as much as I could into 2 suitcases for a semester abroad. I think studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland was so far one of … Continue reading

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Food in Galway (Diane Cantillano)

Throughout my semester, I got to experience many different kinds of delicious meals in Ireland. Being in Europe, it was easy to see all sorts of different kinds of food, but apart from the day to day stuff, I wanted … Continue reading

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The Final Countdown (Amber Duerwaechter)

Here it is. The final countdown. Many students in my program have already left to go home which makes it seem like my turn is much farther off than just 2 days. I’m finding myself frantically trying to take in … Continue reading

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When in Dublin… (Matt Dunne)

When coming to Ireland one can only picture the rolling green fields and beautiful landscape, although the city of Dublin is both major to Europe and an international melting pot. So many different cultures and ethnicity are poured into one … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving in Ireland (Tom Mauthe)

One of the bittersweet moments of studying abroad was missing the celebration of Thanksgiving at home with my family.  However, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to have Thanksgiving with new friends from both the United States and … Continue reading

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UCC (Tom Mauthe)

The educational system followed by UCC varies slightly from the other Irish Universities and greatly from the education in the United States.  I took three psychology classes and one political class and they both seemed to differ in the same … Continue reading

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Hindsight is 20/20 (Claire Hephner)

Studying abroad has certainly had its ups and downs. In the last, really five months, I have loved and hated Ireland. The study abroad experience is different for everyone in this sense. Most of my friends will also be leaving … Continue reading

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Happy Days on the Emerald Isle (Jenny Cheke)

The four-month mark is coming right around the corner, which means my time here on the Emerald Isle is almost over. This is a feeling that I am not quite sure how to explain. I am very excited to go … Continue reading

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