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Service Learning (Danny Carpenter)

One of the major selling points for me, and the main counter to having to find my own housing, to go to NUI Galway was that there was an opportunity for me to participate in a Service Learning Course as … Continue reading

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An Irish Wedding (Danny Carpenter)

My Aunt Sonya’s cousin Emer was getting married here in Galway and I was invited along since my uncle was not able go with my aunt.  So early Saturday afternoon I got dressed in my new dress clothes from Penny’s … Continue reading

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Cultural Reflections on Apartment Hunting (Danny Carpenter)

As NUI Galway is one of the few, if not only, study abroad programs offered at St. Norbert College where the participant has to find their own accommodations, I thought that I would share my unique insight as to how … Continue reading

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Helping Out the Galway Community (Diane Cantillano)

My most memorable volunteering experience in Galway happened to me by chance. My roommate Lyndia said she had gotten an email about an opportunity to promote multi-culturalism in children and their families in Galway through our campus. I decided to … Continue reading

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Getting to Galway (Diane Cantillano)

When my mom dropped me off at the airport, I was expecting it to be a tearful goodbye, because I have never lived away from home and my mom, my brother and I are close. Surprisingly though, we all knew … Continue reading

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