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50 Days Later (Meredith Moore)

Finally, Salama from Madagascar! I apologize for the extreme delay in beginning this blog. It has permanently resided on my to-do list since my arrival but have not yet found the time or internet speed to actually begin! Bear with … Continue reading

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Trip to Quito $1100.00, Trip to Mindo $50.00, Vacation to Galapagos $1400.00, Adventures with friends and Memories made: Priceless (Gwen Hasenberg)

So when I was deciding to go abroad I was debating between Spain and Ecuador.  Spain has an interesting history, beautiful buildings, is Spanish speaking (obviously), and most importantly Spain is in Europe and I would have the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Environmental Sustainability in Dublin (Kathryn Jamieson)

Energy cards, walking, and heating our own water. As annoying as it all is sometimes, I love knowing that I am not wasting energy but helping the environment instead. Living in Dublin has made me very aware of all the … Continue reading

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Environmental Sustainability in Dublin, Ireland (Amanda Leick)

Studying abroad in Dublin has changed my outlook on preserving energy. My roommates and I find ourselves unplugging everything after we use it, turning off lights, and planning when to shower to conserve our energy cards. I never really realized … Continue reading

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Australia (Thomas Grams)

It has been a little over 2 months since I’ve left home for Australia.  Coming to Australia, I did not know what to expect. No one from my family has every left home this far, so it was exciting and … Continue reading

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En la vida de Ted Schoenleber (Ted Schoenleber)

HOLY WOW ESO ES ECUADOR. This is the country where dreams come true, where looking out my window confronts my tired morning eyes with a glorious panorama of mountains, the very mountains that my bus drives me through on my … Continue reading

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Helping Mother Nature in Toledo, Spain (Laura Gordon)

The changes that one has to go through to get accustomed to another culture can be very hard, but over the time that you spend living with that culture you become more accustomed to living situations. As soon as I … Continue reading

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