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Inca Trail (Irina Rau)

My name is Irina Rau and I studied abroad in Ecuador in the spring of 2011. I studied at the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito and had the opportunity to see a lot of the beautiful country by hiking the … Continue reading

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Ready or Not (Leah Zwiers)

I had started my countdown to go home right around the halfway point. It wasn’t that I was ready to leave, just that I was ready to go home (as if that makes any sense at all). I so badly … Continue reading

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A Religious Excursion (Rebecca Larson)

One of my classes had a project where we were to go out into Quito and research something.  Anything.  My group and I decided to compare different religions in the city.  There is a very obvious and large Catholic tradition … Continue reading

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Fiestas de Quito (Rebecca Larson)

When I first arrived to Ecuador my host dad said it was great luck that I am here the fall semester, for I will be able to experience Fiestas de Quito November 26-December 6.  Fiestas de Quito are ten consecutive … Continue reading

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Metaphors in Ecuador (Gwen Hasenberg)

Last night I had an interesting dream.  I was packing up my suitcases.   While I was packing I kept remembering more and more stuff that I needed to bring with me and more and more stuff just kept appearing out of nowhere that … Continue reading

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10 Days Left in Ecuador (Ted Schoenleber)

With just 10 days left of my 5 month stay here in Ecuador, reality is slowly taking over as I prepare to head back to Green Bay. Five months I have spent living in quasi-paradise; sometimes choked by the overwhelming … Continue reading

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GOOAAL! (Leah Zwiers)

As I sit here watching the Packer game in Ecuador from the comfort of my home, in HD, I realize just how amazing it is to be a Packer fan, and how much I love the sport. Then my mind … Continue reading

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National Identity & Cultural Baggage (Jenny LeMere)

My national identity, well to start off with, have pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes… you would have to be silly to not know that I am a “gringa” and trust me, people here aren’t silly in that respect. … Continue reading

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Classroom Experiences (Jenny LeMere)

My classes in Ecuador are extremely difficult for me.  Today I had two presentations, one went well and the other was terrible.  I worked with a partner who did not do what she said she would for the project and she … Continue reading

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Carbo Loading (Rebecca Larson)

Upon arriving go Ecuador one of the first things my host father told me about the food was “No es la cena sin arroz” – it’s not a meal without rice.  My time here has proven this statement to be … Continue reading

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