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In the Name of Wiracocha, Illapa, and the Pachamama, Amen…or Not (Caitlin Petersen)

As is well know throughout most of the world, South America is predominantly and in a lot of cases, fervently, catholic.  And this holds true in Peru as well; Catholicism is the religion of choice in this country.  But lots … Continue reading

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Speaking of Spanish (Caitlin Petersen)

I have to say, as excited as I was at the beginning of this semester to immerse myself in Spanish and really try my hardest to speak it whenever possible, it’s been very difficult to keep that promise to myself.  … Continue reading

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Culture Meets Religion (Jack Hayford)

It is interesting to see the way that Catholicism has merged with the local culture of Peru. Just yesterday i was walking home and i saw in front of a Catholic church a band playing  traditional Peruvian music in front of a … Continue reading

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Peruvian Cuisine (Jack Hayford)

The food of Peru is very unique. Before i came to Peru, I thought that the food would be pretty similar to Mexican food, but i was very wrong. They eat a lot of rice here with potatoes and bread. … Continue reading

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