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Bittersweet Goodbye (Jessie Richards)

It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to Australia. I am very excited to return home to see my family and friends but I am also saying goodbye the family I made in Australia. I didn’t realize how many friends I had … Continue reading

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Food (Kim Caldwell)

Where does one begin to talk about food, when living in a city with a population of six million people, who are spread out across six hundred and seventy plus suburbs? People need to eat and the city has plenty … Continue reading

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You Want Me to Call You by Your First Name, Professor? (Susan Hiller)

Australian classroom etiquette is very different from that at St. Norbert College.  The main difference that I have not adjusted to and I don’t think that I will adjust to is calling our teachers by our first names.  It just … Continue reading

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Exams in Australia (Jessie Richards)

Just got back from my first Australian final exam. It was much different than in the US- at least at St. Norbert. First of all, it’s worth 40% of my overall grade and that’s relatively normal for a final exam. … Continue reading

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Culturally Exposed (Cassie Brayton)

Before I left SNC (oh so many moons ago, now) we were told about culture shock, and the signs and/or symptoms associated with it. The list is scary: feelings of sadness/loneliness, insomnia or sleeping too much, smallest problems seem overwhelming, … Continue reading

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Macquarie University (Nikki Graf)

Macquarie University is a lot larger than St. Norbert’s, which is why I chose it. I wanted to get a big university experience. The lecture halls are not as intimidating as I had thought they’d be. Its actually refreshing that … Continue reading

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Educational Experiences in Australia (Kim Caldwell)

We learn by experience as much as we learn from books. I never really cared much for psychoanalyzing certain social ideologies; but I have realized, that is what one does in college. The best part of my education in Australia, … Continue reading

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Australian Health Care (Jessie Richards)

A few friends and I decided to rent a boat and go out on the river in Noosa. It was so pretty. We all were having a great time grilling out and swimming around the boat. I was sitting on … Continue reading

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A Real Eye Opener (Susan Hiller)

Growing up I have always lived near a large city, Milwaukee, Green Bay and for the past 2 months Brisbane, Australia.  I have always taken advantage of TV, internet, iPods and cell phone, this all changed this past weekend when … Continue reading

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The Australian Accent (Nicole Graf)

I am sure we all have our cultural stereotypes about the way Aussies speak and act, like we do with our own and other cultures. We hear the goodday mates and how you goings. And probably it has crossed some … Continue reading

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