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Cheers Mate! (Katie Baumgartner)

Prior to coming to London to study abroad I did not think that I would have any trouble with a language barrier. I soon learned that British English can be a lot different than American English. I recognized this when … Continue reading

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English Can Be Hard to Understand (Alex Yurk)

One would think coming to the UK, an English speaking country, it would be easy to communicate with the locals.  Well, was I quite wrong.  8 weeks into my study abroad experience, I still have trouble understanding the accent and … Continue reading

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The Australian Accent (Nicole Graf)

I am sure we all have our cultural stereotypes about the way Aussies speak and act, like we do with our own and other cultures. We hear the goodday mates and how you goings. And probably it has crossed some … Continue reading

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Make Sure You Pack an Umbrella … (Nicole Engbretson)

… And yet it’s rained only once or twice since I arrived in London last week. My British flatmates have informed me that what we have currently is closer to July weather, certainly not what they’d expect in October. Perhaps I should have … Continue reading

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Senior Year in Australia Begins (Jaime Kamps-Duac)

Original Date: July 24, 2011 Classes began yesterday afternoon for me. My last summer as a student has officially ended and now I begin the end of my formal education! Exciting, yet somewhat strange to grasp. Introduction to Indigenous Australia was a … Continue reading

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