Life Lesson #1: Good Craic does not refer to the drug, it means a good time.

I am all settled into my apartment in Cork with the best roommates I could have asked for. I got very lucky! I have a roommate from Boston, Spain and two from France. They have already taken me out, and Myriam, my French roommate, has made me two french meals. One of the coolest things about having roomies from different countries is being able to learn about  their cultures. On my second weekend here they had their other international friends over and we all had dinner before going out. It was awesome being able to talk to people from Italy, France, Spain, Ireland and Greece.

I have explored most of cork including visits to the old Goal (Jail), 3 cathedrals (my favorite being St. Fin Barres), the English market, and any other building that appealed to me. Getting “lost” in the city is the best way to explore. I also took a hour and a half bus to Skibberren in west cork, walked another hour and a half on the country side to Lough Hyne. Louch Hyne is a salt water lake with unexplainable marine life. This trip was not very well planned, I thought Skibberren was a 20 min bus ride and the lake was only a 3 mile walk. Even though it wasn’t planned it was worth the walk because not many tourist get the chance to have that experience.

Corks campus is the prettiest campus I have ever seen, it looks like Hogwarts. The student life is another perk, they had arranged events almost every night last week and there are so many clubs I can join. I want to try the rock climbing club, trampoline club, boxing and archery club.

Ireland is pretty similar to the states which makes it easier to find my way around. The people here are very welcoming, in fact every professor started class by saying “you are all very welcomed here”. I am taking two folklore classes, Irish literature class, Irish history and a Gender & Development class.

So Far So Good….

Haley is studying at University College Cork for the spring 2015 semester: