As of right now I’m double-majoring in International Business and Spanish. For the last few years I’ve heard a rumor going around that if you don’t come into college with any transfer credits (check), you study abroad (check), and you have a double major (check) there’s no way that you can graduate in four years. I know it works differently with every program and that I’m probably the exception to this rule, but studying abroad is actually helping me graduate on time. Let’s take a look at the classes I’m taking this semester and what they count for at SNC (keep in mind they’re all in Spanish):

  1. Spain and the European Union: IBLAS 360
  2. 20th Century Spanish Literature: SPAN 302
  3. Politics and Society of Latin America: SPAN 370, GS11
  4. Spain Since 1936: IBLAS 362, SPAN 375, GS10
  5. Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Art: SPAN 393

When you add all of that up it equals eight of my required classes. EIGHT. So it’s kind of like a “buy one semester get another semester free” deal. However, do keep in mind that the classes I’m taking are challenging; none of them are How to Dance the Flamenco 101 (but they are going to teach us the flamenco in a two-part series starting tomorrow night). There were other classes that I definitely would rather have taken, but if it means that I can graduate on time I think it’s totally worth it.

Besides fulfilling a bunch of my requirements, there are even more benefits that come along with my program. All of my classes are only two days a week and, besides my econ class, each class is on the same day. For example, my politics class meets on Tuesdays from 11:30am-12:45pm and 3:30pm-4:45pm. This means that the professors can really only give you one assignment a week, you have the entire week to work on it, and if you don’t like the class you only have to worry about being in it for 14 days.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that there aren’t any classes on Fridays. The only thing that could make this whole school situation better is if Antonio Banderas was one of my professors. Maybe he’ll be making a guest appearance at the flamenco class?

Sasha Zwiefelhofer is studying abroad in Toledo, Spain, with the University of Minnesota.