When I considered studying abroad, I never thought I would be doing so and living in the world’s most livable city at the same time!

Melbourne, Australia was the second most livable city in the world for a while (behind Vancouver, Canada) and finally grabbed the title.  After visiting downtown Melbourne just yesterday, it is quite easy to see why living here can be so great.

For one, the public transportation in Melbourne is so easy to figure out, it’s almost scary (not to mention the efficiency of it all).  You don’t have a car? No problem, because Melbourne has trams, trains, busses, rentable bikes, the list literally goes on.

The city itself has a good vibe without the “busy, need to catch a taxi or I’ll be late for work” feel.  In addition, Melbourne has a great view as part of the city overlooks the harbor.  The buildings themselves are also very unique and distinguished.

Melbourne also plays home to many festivals and events including: the Australian Open, being the birth city to Aussie Rules Football, the ever-famous Food and Wine festival (which by the way is coming up in March), amazing shops and cafes, with places like the Great Ocean Road, the Yarra Valley, and Philip Island not being far away from the city center.  And these are just to name a few of Melbourne’s extensive activities and sights.

I think what I find most fascinating about Melbourne, though, is that is has everything anyone could ever ask for in a city.  It has a vibrant population of unique individuals without making you feel cramped.  It has enough skyscrapers to make you go “wow” without making you feel like you won’t be able to find your way around the city.

It is hard not to appreciate the simplicity and the uniqueness of a city like Melbourne.  After living here, it is easy to see why Melbourne is considered to be the world’s most livable city.

Kyle McCarragher is studying abroad at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.