Studying abroad has made me look at my life in a different perspective.
For instance, life in America is far easier than life abroad but
that’s not to say that it is better.  Being abroad helped me to improve
my ability to think for myself and to be a more independent person.
Simple things such as controlling my use of electricity or learning to
travel on my own were qualities that i learned through studying abroad.
Also, my awareness of other cultures greatly improved.  I became more
accepting and knowledgeable of people from other countries as I was
forced to become friends with many of them.  Because of my experience
abroad I am more open to travel and have a desire to see the places I
was unable to get to while abroad.  I would encourage everyone to jump
on the opportunity to study abroad if given the chance.  However,
studying abroad also gave me a greater appreciation for my life at home.
It helped me to realize how easy my life is in America and not to take
it for granted.  I experienced no culture shock upon my return and am
happy to be back.  A semester abroad was the perfect amount of time in
my opinion and I am very happen with the location I chose in Dublin and
look forward to visiting there in the future.

Liam McDonnell is studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, with the Foundation for International Education (FIE).