Throughout my semester, I got to experience many different kinds of delicious meals in Ireland. Being in Europe, it was easy to see all sorts of different kinds of food, but apart from the day to day stuff, I wanted to eat some things I hadn’t tried before. One of my favorite meals was during Arthur’s Day. Arthur’s Day is on September 23rd, and it’s the anniversary of the creation of Guinness beer, which was created by Arthur Guinness. Although it only recently became celebrated, Arthur’s Day has become a country-wide celebration for many. At 6 o’clock, everybody raises their hands with a Guinness and says, “to Arthur”. It was a fun experience, and felt similar to New Year’s. After the countdown was done, I went downtown, and ended up at this quaint restaurant called “Riordan’s”. There, I had one of the greatest meals I’ve ever had. It started with some seafood chowder and Irish bread, and then I also had endless black tea, which was, by that time, growing on me as a preferred beverage, even over my beloved coffee. I chose, as a main course, a Sheppard’s pie, which was delicious! Another favorite food experience was at the Spudhouse, a café near campus, I got a student deal and with it I got an amazing starter, which was garlic bread, then I had a really great potato dish, which had made from scratch cheese sauce and served with broccoli. All in all I’ve had many great food experiences throughout my time here.

Diane Cantillano is studying abroad at the National University of Ireland – Galway in Galway, Ireland.