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Food in Japan (Brian Campbell)

What comes to mind when you think of Japanese food?  Rice and sushi?  Well you would pretty much be right.  Almost any meal you buy in Japan comes with rice, whether it’s part of the main dish or just on … Continue reading

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Different Perspectives (Liam McDonnell)

Studying abroad has made me look at my life in a different perspective. For instance, life in America is far easier than life abroad but that’s not to say that it is better.  Being abroad helped me to improve my … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays from Tokyo, Japan! (Brian Campbell)

Holiday break is now over and I have now begun the final 2 months of classes before the semester is over.  During the break, I got an interesting look at some holiday traditions in Japan. Although Christmas is very popular … Continue reading

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Looking Back (Pat Pederson)

Having had a little while to reflect on my experiences in Europe has allowed me to appreciate the time that I had.  Living in Valencia, Spain and traveling to other parts of Europe (including France and England) opened my eyes … Continue reading

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Difficulties with my National Identity (Diane Cantillano)

I would say my national identity is kind of complex to begin with. My parents are both from Honduras, and I was born in San Diego, California. I think although my American nationality is important, my Honduran ethnicity is prominent … Continue reading

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Helping Out the Galway Community (Diane Cantillano)

My most memorable volunteering experience in Galway happened to me by chance. My roommate Lyndia said she had gotten an email about an opportunity to promote multi-culturalism in children and their families in Galway through our campus. I decided to … Continue reading

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Ready or Not (Leah Zwiers)

I had started my countdown to go home right around the halfway point. It wasn’t that I was ready to leave, just that I was ready to go home (as if that makes any sense at all). I so badly … Continue reading

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A Religious Excursion (Rebecca Larson)

One of my classes had a project where we were to go out into Quito and research something.  Anything.  My group and I decided to compare different religions in the city.  There is a very obvious and large Catholic tradition … Continue reading

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Public Transport in Grenoble (Alissa De Valk)

Looking back on my semester in France, I can’t believe how quickly it has gone and how many things I got used to that I know I thought were unusual when I arrived. One of the main things was the … Continue reading

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Some Great Craic (Kathryn Jamieson)

It is crazy to think that just 3 ½ short months ago I was nervously packing as much as I could into 2 suitcases for a semester abroad. I think studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland was so far one of … Continue reading

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