Don’t It Always Seem to Go (Rob Fulton)

Studying abroad was an experience. The type of experience depended on who you are and what you did.  Studying abroad was, to quote the great Dennis Green, “what we thought they were.” It had it’s ups and downs and about halfway through it the mental countdown until America began. If you ask anyone chances are they’ll deny it but at one point of their trip they had a mental countdown. Like taxes and death it’s inevitable. Then the day finally came. I was going home. Finally. As Lee Corso says though, “NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!” I was glad to be back in America but I realized that was it. It’s over. My semester in one of best cities in the world was over. All the people I met and developed friendships with became a game in my head in which I think of the odds of me ever seeing them again.  As the days go by the cruel reality sinks in faster and faster. For some it hit a little harder: my roommate G got dumped by his girlfriend for a Facebook post saying “I miss you” from another girl. G pulled out the Clinton-esque, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”  The only difference is G is telling the truth. There were many things he could’ve done in Italy but didn’t because of his girlfriend. The real world bites quicker and harder than one of Michael Vick’s dogs.

Things were simpler in Italy. Granted I got sick of it but chances are a few months from now I’d give my right leg to be back in Europe. It’s almost comical how true it is: don’t it always seem to go you don’t know what you got till it’s gone…

Rob Fulton is studying abroad at Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy.