When coming to Ireland one can only picture the rolling green fields and beautiful landscape, although the city of Dublin is both major to Europe and an international melting pot. So many different cultures and ethnicity are poured into one and not only have I had experiences with other abroad students from America, but French, German, South African, Romanian, and not to mention the Irish students themselves. Regardless of the background, all elasticities are equally kind. All welcomed me with open arms regardless of the situation which¬†may¬†include a class project, chatter during a break in class, or social life. The majority of the time conversations weren’t small talk, they were genuine questions about the difference in cultures and how we are both finding Dublin.

Also when arriving, I figured I would see historic things in Dublin such as the Dublin Castle, Guinness factory, and other world renown places which were indeed fantastic. Although what I didn’t expect were the not so famous activities to be just as fun if not more fun than the traditional things. Walking through Phoenix Park which is one of the biggest parks in Europe is a great way to spend an afternoon to relax and get exercise. Also, taking a cheap train ticket to Wicklow to soak up the small Irish town atmosphere.
I came here thinking that Ireland was an extremely unique place and I was right, although it was for the wrong reasons. Its not a fairy tale land with leprechauns and bagpipes, but an up and coming town with cheerful people and a lot to offer. It provides anyone who goes there the opportunity to meet great people, eat great food, socialize, and just about everything in between. My trip has cannot be put into words and never will.

Matt Dunne is studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, with the Foundation for International Education (FIE).