One of the classes I took here in Florence was History of Christianity.  I signed up for it because I needed it for a GS level and I certainly did not expect to really take much from it.  Throughout the course I felt like we were being bombarded with 2,000 years of random facts about Christian history.  The final exam was exhausting and not until my brain had relaxed did I realize how much I had taken from it.  So much of what we learned either took place in or greatly affected Florence and Italy as a whole.  Every day I am walking in centuries of important religious history.  Right outside my window I can see the beautiful and timeless dome of the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, where I recently attended mass for the first time.  In the mornings, I wake up to a melody of church bells from every corner in Florence.  The Medicee Family, Dante, saints, popes, and countless other people lived here.  It truly is an inspiring city and you can’t help but feel how much religious spirit it holds.  In our class we visited numerous chapels and sites where people have lived and history was created.  A vast majority of the Florentine people is Catholic and from the first Catholic council in 1439, until now and in the future, Florence will continue to be a city alive with religious spirit.  Living here for only a few short months has even had an impact on my religious thoughts.  It certainly has been an experience I will never forget.

Ashley Polomis is studying abroad at Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy.