Ryanair (Tom Mauthe)

Those of you who are studying abroad in the future will come to know the Ryanair airline service.  When making plans to travel around Europe, Ryanair’s price for traveling between countries will appear too good to be true.  You will absolutely love Ryanair until your first flight with them.  The reason they are able to charge such low flights is because for the entire time you are with them, they will nickel and dime you to death.  If your bag does not fit within the required measurements cage, they charge you forty euro.  A lot of the times this is more or equal to the amount you paid for your flight in the first place.  When on the plane, lottery tickets and Ryanair Swimsuit calendars are available for purchase.  Yes, they do have a Swimsuit Calendar showcasing actual Ryanair flight attendants.  Food and drink are not even close to being complimentary and it was rumored that a passenger who suffered a heart attack on board was charged for the water he was given.  Maybe you lost your ticket on the way to the airport and assume that they will be understanding and cooperative in helping you print off a new ticket.  They will print off a new ticket but it will cost you another forty euro.  The peculiar thing about Ryanair is that no matter what kind of fee you acquire, it will be forty euro.  Who knew that it costs the same amount to print out a new ticket and check and oversized bag.  However, despite all of these cons that Ryanair has to offer, the song played when arriving at a destination on time will make it all worthwhile.

Tom Mauthe is studying abroad at University College Cork in Cork, Ireland.

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