Maybe it is because I have lived in the snowy woods of Wisconsin my whole life, but I have a really hard time excepting that Christmas is only a few weeks away. Since all of my Christmases have been a white Christmas, with the exception of the random heat wave, seeing Christmas decorations when it is 83 degrees outside and I’m heading to the beach to catch some waves at first seemed awkwardly tacky. It was as if I was having an endless summer in which every day we celebrate great weather and the ability to enjoy it with friends. My internal clock was stuck on summer time; it could not comprehend how to celebrate Christmas without the snow and the cold. Things that have always gone hand in hand with Christmas: snow angels, snowmen, snowball fights, hot cocoa, and snowmobiling, are impossible if not impractical in Australia. Since most of the aspects of Christmas that get me into the Christmas spirit are not available down here I went and talked with a few of my Australian friends to see what they normally do for Christmas. From what I have gathered the average Australian Christmas party consists of a Barbeque, a pool, and cold beverages. To me that just seems like the average day in Australia, however even though I will not have my biological family here to celebrate Christmas with me, I will have my Australian family to celebrate with. I think that when I start sipping that Nog that is Egg I’ll get that Christmas spirit in me and learn to love Christmas from a different perspective.

Dale Bishop is studying abroad at University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia.