After traveling to a variety of places I thought it was interesting to see how each city differs in their public transportation.  In London there is the ever so famous Underground or tube as well as the classic bright red double-decker buses and their convenient city buses.  In Rome, there is the metro that has all the necessary tourist spots listed underneath each stop.  Both Amsterdam and Prague have trams that are located right on the street with the rest of the cars (and bicycles.)

Florence does it different though.  To get anywhere – we walk.  Whether it’s around the corner to the grocery store, twenty minutes to school, or half an hour up to Piazzale Michaelangelo the only way is to walk.  We were warned at the beginning to not trust the bus system here because like everything else in Italy it does not run on time.  The only danger that comes with walking is all the mopeds that come speeding out of nowhere.  There have been many close calls in the past 3.5 months here.

It may be exhausting sometimes always having to walk to get anywhere, but I would never even think about trading Florence for a bigger city.  It provides so much exercise and you are always immersed in the atmosphere of the city.  I get to walk past the beautiful Duomo and the Arno River every day.  Even when my friends and I would travel to other cities we would walk way more than the average person would just because we are so used to it. Because we did this though we were able to stumble across so many things we wouldn’t have seen if we were taking public transportation.

Ashley Polomis is studying abroad at Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy.