With a hectic semester coming to an end I thought it be a good time to sit down and reflect on my Thanksgiving weekend here in Rome. I was fortunate enough to have my brother and mother fly out here for the week on Thanksgiving, it is always great to see family especially on holidays when you are halfway across the globe. Although there was no turkey it was still a great week here in Rome. It was great to here the stories from my mom on how she lived as a kid, mainly because her parents were from Italy and brought back so many customs and traditions to the states which I vaguely remember as a kid being at my grandparents. Definitely looking forward to next Thanksgiving and making up for a year without turkey.

With that said I would just like to touch on how I have been noticing how rude and ignorant some Europeans are to Americans. Now I know we are not the most well liked people in the world but some people out here have been going out of their way to tell us. Out of the cities the cities that I have been to in Europe I would have to say that in Paris the lack of respect and rudeness was most noticing. Although it does not bother me personally I think it is funny how bitter many of these people are. Some examples I have encountered would be when asking for directions people just being straight rude or when taking cabs, they would try charging us more. However the opposite can be said about Dublin. The Irish were some of the nicest people I have encountered here, all were very welcoming and nice towards us. With only a couple weeks left here in Europe I can truly say I will miss everything, expect some of these rude Europeans.

AJ Fedoruk is studying abroad at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy.