Educational Experiences in Australia (Nikki Graf)

Studying abroad in relation to my major was easy for me. Although it was initially a concern for me about being behind with my major’s coursework, Macquarie University is a large school with many options to choose from. Personally, I did chose to fulfil mostly my final general studies requirements, and only took one accounting course, Accounting Information Systems.  As it turns out though, I did a one eighty on my degree and chose to change my major from accounting to pre-vet studies, for when I return to SNC. In general and if possible, I would definitely recommend taking mostly general education classes. The purpose of implementing general studies requirements is to become a more well-rounded, developed and responsible citizen and taking these classes abroad only enhance the objectives of them because it generates a different perspective than it would have at home. I also think that the general studies program at SNC enables people to be able to study abroad, so they can be able to transfer back relevant coursework if their university does not offer courses relevant to their major.

As far as taking Accounting Information Systems, it was by far the most challenging course I took during my time here in Australia. It consisted of two large projects, weekly assignments, and an exam worth 60 percent of the total course grade. Although the course will transfer back, it was the most frustrating class I have ever taken. Not even because it was a lot of work, but because the course was so disorganized and contradictory at times I wanted to pull my hair out. One may relate that to culture shock, but even my Australian friend found it completely ludicrous.  This is also why I would recommend taking general education courses, because based on my personal experience it was easier to examine what is expected of you.

Nikki Graf is studying abroad at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

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