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Don’t It Always Seem to Go (Rob Fulton)

Studying abroad was an experience. The type of experience depended on who you are and what you did.  Studying abroad was, to quote the great Dennis Green, “what we thought they were.” It had it’s ups and downs and about … Continue reading

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What I Hate About You (Bojan Francuz)

In the past three and a half months I have come to love Jordan. I have a wonderful host-family which cooks the most delicious meals every day. I enjoyed my classes which consisted of lectures given by prominent Jordanian political … Continue reading

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Me, Myself, and I (Rob Fulton)

Dear Future ‘Study Abroaders’, I am writing this letter as a warning to all of you.  Actually the word ‘warning’ seems harsh, call it more of an advisement.  If you choose to go abroad, which you definitely should, I would … Continue reading

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How to Feel (Krista Hove)

Originally I was going to write my last blog on how it felt to return home from Italy, however I have not yet left. I will be getting home in two days and I am full of many mixed emotions. … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Have to Laugh (Casey Olson)

So let’s begin by stating that most people travel abroad because they are open to risk.  When making a decision to travel, there has to be knowledge that not everything is going to be perfect and that’s what makes it … Continue reading

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Roman Food (Brian Anhalt)

There is no one type of Italian food. The type of Italian food you can find always depends on the area you are in. Overall though, you can except when eating in Italy, meals will last hours and be full … Continue reading

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Seminars & Lectures (Devan Scherer)

Education in the England is a little different than what one is use to in the states. To begin, instead of two semesters universities have three terms. As a result classes start in October and run through June. Additionally, all … Continue reading

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Fiestas de Quito (Rebecca Larson)

When I first arrived to Ecuador my host dad said it was great luck that I am here the fall semester, for I will be able to experience Fiestas de Quito November 26-December 6.  Fiestas de Quito are ten consecutive … Continue reading

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The Final Countdown (Amber Duerwaechter)

Here it is. The final countdown. Many students in my program have already left to go home which makes it seem like my turn is much farther off than just 2 days. I’m finding myself frantically trying to take in … Continue reading

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Christmas in Roma (Brian Anhalt)

With Christmas approaching, Rome has become a new city. Beginning in early December,  the city streets become decorated with lights. Christmas trees are placed throughout the city. While not a Italian tradition, they can be seen in Piazza Venezia and next … Continue reading

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