A trip I have been waiting to go on has been to Belfast/Donegal, Ireland.  It was a trip of a lifetime for me because I was able to go to the town where my Grandpa’s family is from and meet them for the first time.

It was a weird experience meeting numerous relatives that I had never met before.  The craziest part was seeing the resemblance between myself and them, as well as the rest of my family. While I was there I was able to see the house my Grandpa grew up in, meet his sister, and experience the way they live in Northern Ireland.  The cliffs and beaches at the coastline of Ireland are one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen.

I was generally with my cousins Maeve and Aian.  Since they are younger than me they enjoyed teasing me for my American accent.  Some of the words and phrases they would say and ask me were completely different between America and European terminology.  I was not used to the way they talk and it was very difficult to understand their accent.

Brianna Simkowski is studying abroad in London, England, with the Foundation for International Education (FIE).