Art (Paul Krechel)

Madrid is a city that offers numerous opportunities to view world famous art and architecture. Famous and intriguing museums such as the Prado, Thyssen, Reina Sofia, and much more allow students the chance to see the art they have learned about in the past. For me it was an amazing experience as a student who studies Political Science, History, and Spanish because I have learned about the significance of many pieces of art in classes. It is breath taking to see it all in person.

Art in Madrid is not limited to museums. If you go to a random park there will be many interesting and unique works of art to observe. Every day, I seem to find something new and vibrant. Most of the art is not just historic but also there is a large amount of modern art scattered throughout the city. I am taking a Art and Civilization class in Spanish which explains the most intricate of details in Spanish art. It is incredible to be able to learn about a topic and then easily see it in person. I feel very fortunate that I chose a city which contains both history and modernity everywhere I look.

Art also takes the form of artwork in shops. Famous glass figurines made by the company Lladro are sold all over the world. A short trip to Toledo will offer an opportunity to see how this art is made along with the famous plates. Previously, I did not have an interest in art but the opportunities and what I have researched since arriving here have made me a fan.

Paul Krechel is studying abroad at Universidad Antonio de Nebrija in Madrid, Spain.

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