Where does one begin to talk about food, when living in a city with a population of six million people, who are spread out across six hundred and seventy plus suburbs? People need to eat and the city has plenty to offer all the hungry souls. I had never tried any Lebanese food before coming here, but a popular fast food throughout the city is the Doner Kebab. Forget about burritos, fajitas, and chicken wraps, the Kebab is made with a Turkish flat bread, loaded with seasoned and shaved chicken, beef, or lamb, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and then topped off with a sauce of your choice. I prefer to mix the creamy garlic with the spicy chili.

Chinatown just off of George St. in the CBD boasts many bakeries, and my favorite is Barbies bakery, because they make a delicious pastry called the blueberry toro! Barrio Chino in Kings Cross has an awesome and unique take on Mexican food, and Hugos Bar Pizza, also in Kings Cross has the best gourmet pizza ever! The juice here is the freshest I have ever tasted. Many hand selected fruits and vegetables are squeezed to order at Boost. I have included a picture of my favorite store bought green apple juice!

Kim Caldwell is studying abroad at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.