Safety is very important in Italy. There are a lot of people driving motorized vehicles in the city and everyone wears helmets. In the United States, some people were helmets while some people don’t because there is no law saying that they need to wear helmets when driving motorized vehicles especially in Wisconsin.

Within the first couple of days of coming to Italy, I noticed that there were a lot of motorized vehicles driving around the city instead of cars. Also, I noticed everyone who is on the motorized vehicles wear helmets. I did a little research on why everyone is wearing helmets and there is a law in Italy that says that people, on motorbikes need to wear helmets. The law went into affect in 2000. So Italy has had the law for 11 years now and everyone follows the law. It makes me happy to see that people who are driving mopeds wear helmets because Italians are crazy drivers. While driving, people just need to be aware of everything around them because people driving on mopeds weave in and out, and around cars on the street.  I would never be able to drive in Italy because I would be too scared to. Especially in the city, people are more likely to drive motorized vehicles than a car because it is easier!

Megan Soukup is studying abroad at Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy.