There is a festival in Hyde Park that recently started called Winter Wonderland. It is the perfect thing to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. It plays Christmas music, has hot chocolate, and even ice skating; but has so much more as well. It sort of reminded me of Oktoberfest because it had a lot of beer gardens, bratwurst, and rides just like Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. There is so much to do there. There is plenty of food, drinks, rides, candy, and shops; I could probably look around for hours. I got a bratwurst there and it was absolutely delicious, almost as good as the one I had at Oktoberfest. And the rides were really fun too. It reminded me off all the different cultures that exist and how they can all come together through one event. They had German Bratwurst, American music, French Crepes, Belgian waffles, all taking place in England. My boyfriend surprised me for Thanksgiving and so we got to go explore one night. We had a lot of fun riding the rides, drinking hot chocolate and eating the different foods and candies. I went again with a couple of my roommates and we all went on this ride called the ‘Air.’ It was so much fun but a little scary. It put all of us in such a great mood walking around together and seeing everything all decorated for Christmas. All the lights and music make it such a fun event that gets us excited and ready for Christmas, but also a little sad because that means that our time is running out in London.

Danielle Costello is studying abroad in London, England, with the Foundation for International Education (FIE).