When arriving in Dublin I was told I might experience culture shock. During the study abroad orientation we were warned of the signs and symptoms of culture shock and how to deal with it. I feel like I experienced this a little bit within the first couple weeks of being here. It was not extreme culture shock, mainly it was just tough not knowing my way around anywhere at first and just the fact that I was in a foreign place. I feel like everyone probably felt a little bit of this at first because it is overwhelming having to figure out where to go in a new place. It was really hard at first finding my way to class. It is about a 25-30 minute walk to the class buildings compared to St. Norbert where it takes no longer than 10 minutes to walk to class, with time to spare. Now I feel comfortable walking just about anywhere here. I know my way around quite well and feel comfortable taking public transportation. I have taken the LUAS train several times, as well as the DART train to travel to Malahide, Bray, and Howth. At first I thought there was no way I would be able to figure out where to go but everyday it got a little bit easier. Culture shock seems weird to me now, I find myself fitting in well. Just today a lady asked me how to get to the market and I was easily able to explain to her where to go. Just as everything is becoming familiar to me, it is weird to think in a couple weeks I will be on my way home. It is going by way to fast!

Amanda Leick is studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, with the Foundation for International Education (FIE).