The weather is finally starting to change and it is slowly becoming my favorite time of year!  To say that the weather in London has a mind of it’s own would probably be an understatement, but thankfully, I have been lucky enough to grow up in the Midwest and have been accustomed to random and bipolar weather changes.  This fall, we were lucky enough to not have too much rain, but the temperature varied immensely.  There were weeks where it felt like I was back in Wisconsin and had to wear a coat, and then the next day would be sunny and 70 degrees.  It honestly got kind of annoying not knowing what outfit to put on in the morning, but after checking and seeing that it was 35 degrees in De Pere in the middle of September, I figured I shouldn’t complain.

Now, as we are closing in on the Christmas season, all I am hoping for in London is a quaint snowfall.  Not an excessive one like we have at St. Norbert, but just something to really get the Christmas spirit stirring.  Even though last week was about 50 degrees and had no sign of getting colder, the last couple of days have been brisk and wintry.  As shops are gradually starting to offer Christmas specials and have isles filled with ornaments and garland, I am beginning to get the feeling that Christmas is finally here.  I know some do not appreciate the Christmas season as early as I do, but I am very thankful that London supports my craze.

London definitely does have more mild seasons than the Midwest, but it has been nice to finally see the leaves change colors and experience the changing of fall into winter.  Even though it will be winter when I leave to go back to America, I am going to enjoy having a winter season without constant blizzard warnings and icy sidewalks!

Emily Landa is studying abroad in London, England, with the Foundation for International Education (FIE).