New Zealand (Thomas Grams)

I have just started to settle back into school after having a long, much needed 2 week break from school. For my mid semester break, I choose to spend my time in New Zealand. I figured I might never get a chance to go back there so it would be great to finally see the country. I was able to see Christchurch, and see firsthand the effects an earthquake can have on a town. I was also able to see Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand. It was a great city and had so much to offer. It reminded me of my hometown in Milwaukee. A big city, but not too big by any means. The city is located right on the water with great food everywhere you went. As well as a ton of sights to see everywhere you went. It was truly great to see and experience the city. I was able to take a guided bike tour of the city which showed me lots of sights of the city that I had not previously seen which were great and fascinating to see. My favorite part for the trip was that I was luckily enough to travel to Wellington and see the United Sates play Australia in the Rugby World Cup. It was great for me to see the locals favorite game firsthand and cheer on my home country. Although Australia was vastly superior and won the game, it was still fun for me to see the game.

Thomas Grams is studying abroad at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

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