Becoming a Pro at Public Transportation (Meg Domnick)

Coming from a small town in Wisconsin with basically no public transportation available, I was in for a bit of a culture shock coming to Spain!  Public transportation is so abundant here.  There are local buses to get around the city of Toledo, trains to travel from city to city or even country to country as well as an “ave” which is a very fast train!  In bigger cities that I have traveled to, such as Madrid and Barcelona, there is also a metro system that can take you from site to site within a city.  I am quickly realizing just how convenient (and usually cheap!) public transportation is!  Also, taxis are very prevalent here, which was very useful for me one of the first mornings I arrived in Toledo.  I have an internship at one of the local hospitals here and usually I just take the bus to and from my internship but one morning I, unfortunately, missed the bus.  Luckily for me, it was easy to catch a taxi and get a ride, as the hospital is not within walking distance.

Public transportation is very important in Toledo because in order to get to Madrid where many things are, you have to take a bus.  The buses to and from Madrid are cheap and very frequent, coming every half hour.  Since Madrid is a much bigger city than Toledo, it is necessary to go to Madrid for many things, such as the airport.  With that being said, it has only taken me two months of being in Toledo to appreciate the public transportation that Europe has to offer!

Meg Domnick is studying abroad at the Fundación de Ortega y Gasset in Toledo, Spain, with the University of Minnesota.

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