Dublin (Liam McDonnell)

I was very skeptical coming into my study abroad experience.  All the talk about cultural shock and how cases of minor depression can occasionally take place had me a little nervous.  However, upon my arrival I immediately felt at home as I had 4 students from Norberts along with me.  I was very happy with my choice to room with Matt Cahill and Matt Dunne instead of going random.  It not only gave me the chance to feel immediately at home but also made it easier to make friends with the students we did not know.  I never experienced the culture shock of being here; I enjoyed it from the beginning.  That is not to say that I love here far more than staying home.  Home definitely has benefits that Ireland cannot provide mainly in the food and the pricing.  Ireland is far more expensive due to the fact that they are on the euro and the food is much worse, but those are things that I have become accustomed to and no longer present a problem but rather something to look forward to upon my arrival home.  I have no regrets in coming abroad; it is a phenomenal experience I recommend everyone to give it a shot.  Dublin is definitely not what I expected it to be.  It is not a fantastic city to look at but is incredibly fun and am not disappointed in my choice to have my study abroad experience take place in the city of Dublin.

Liam McDonnell is studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, with the Foundation for International Education (FIE).

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