Happy Halloween!! As we just passed the halfway point of the semester I have been noticing some interesting things not only in my classes but also in every day life here in Italy. The way we grew up in America and the way kids grow up here in Italy is totally different. I have been meeting many Italians in my classes and love to talk about the culture differences with them. For example in my Business Communications class we are working on our resumes, there are about 10 American kids than 10 kids from Italy and other countries in my class. The teacher went around asking the American kids our past job experiences and many had about 4-5 jobs and have worked since they were 16. However I think there were about 2 Italians who have had jobs before in their life and the rest either did not work or helped out with their families. It is however the culture here, not many kids work in high school or college.

With that said, I would like to talk about the crisis and social issues that have been going on in Rome the last couple weeks. I am not sure if anyone has seen the video of the riots that went on in Rome about 2 weeks ago, but if you have not I would check them out. Thousands of people were rioting by the Coliseum, which is about a 30-minute walk from where I live. It is scary to think that this stuff is going on so close to me. Although I was not in town that day, I know many people who did go down there and said it was absolutely crazy. Many Italians are upset about the economy here and are finally starting to do something about it one of my teachers said. Hopefully there will not be many more issues in the next month and a half.

Finally on a bright note, a couple of us from Norbs Nation invaded London last week for the Bears game which was one of the highlights of our lives. Meet so many cool people from across the globe and especially Chicago. There was also a picture of us in the Chicago Tribune the day after the game. Cant believe it will be November tomorrow, Italy is really starting to feel like home.

AJ Fedoruk is studying abroad at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy.